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Stamen Supplement | Male Vitality Supplement | Male Fertility Supplement | Male Performance Supplement | Prostate Health

Stamen Supplement | Male Vitality Supplement | Male Fertility Supplement | Male Performance Supplement | Prostate Health

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All natural men's vascular health and vitality supplement. Support libido, increase sex drive, boost stamina and endurance. Targeted male factor fertility boosting compounds that may increase semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility. Non-stimulant plant based formula. Capsules are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan.

Most customers surveyed reported noticing improvements in as little as 21 days, and experience optimal results after 90-180 days of consistent daily use. Stamen is a safe, all natural daily male fertility supplement.

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Customer Reviews

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Stamen Supplement

Double sealed and both were intact. Product arrived 10/23, expires on 2/26, so plenty of time. Recommended serving size is "two per day", making a 30 day supply, but they also say "for maximum effect, take take up to twice daily". Followed by "Do not exceed four capsules per day". These are honking huge capsules, looks to be an inch long. There is a smell to them, seems to me to be peppery? They have black pepper in them, so that's not a big surprise I suppose. And, a pleasant surprise, it's made in the USA.

Ron P.W.
Trying it for what it's labeled for

Easy to swallow with something like food, or a health shake or sea moss gel, I didn't pay attention to odour as some reviewers did.
I decided to try it out for this stamina claim, but when I saw Stamen, I thought had something to do with pollen, and give you energy and increased libido, healthy blood circulation(I want to keep it this way, etc.
Anyhow, it hasn't given me any trouble and all the natural ingredients you'd get in Real food products is what I go for.

We gave it a shot, and wow

I saw an ad for this on facebook and was like what the hay just try it, they have a money back. So I made my husband take these every morning with breakfast he said they were easy to swallow no compaints. then halfway into the second bottle he was being a lot more sensual with me. and now we are finally pregnant!!!!!!

These are good

I have been using these for about a week and I can tell the difference when I take them. They give me lots of energy, but also notice that they also get me UP out of nowhere. Everyone is different but these work for me.

Stamen is good

It's a great daily defense for man super easy to swallow capsule very affordable I love the benefits behind it it has worked wonders for me

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