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Customer Reviews for Stamen Supplement

"Ever since I have taken Stamen, I've noticed an increase in my sexual desire and activities and physical endurance."

Submitted by: Kevin Le

"The capsules are incredibly easy to swallow, and there's no aftertaste. It makes incorporating Stamen into my daily routine a breeze, which I genuinely appreciate."

Submitted by: MARV804

"I have been using these for about a week and I can tell the difference when I take them. They give me lots of energy, but also notice that they also get me UP out of nowhere."

Submitted by: T H

"This supplement is definitely not the kind that kicks-in within hours, maybe not even days. I could not tell a difference until late in the second week. I am not interested in anything else but general well-being and level of energy."

Submitted by: Raymond

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This stuff works ! I've been taking it for a few days now and I've already noticed an improvement in stamina, blood flow (to you know where)..."

Submitted by: Danny Smith

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Submitted by Sherry Sapps @ Stamen Team 

My ex-boyfriend used to buy performance pills from the gas station, of all places. They had so many warnings and side effects listed on the packaging. It was eye opening to see what guys are willing to take. I am glad I have the privilege to work with a company like Stamen that makes safe products."

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