5 ED Myths Debunked (You Need to Read This)

5 ED Myths Debunked (You Need to Read This)

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ED lasts forever

1. Erectile dysfunction is an inevitable side effect of aging

This is the most popular myth out there in the world of men's health. We know aging causes testosterone levels to naturally decline, which affects sex drive, libido, frequency of erections, etc. However, this does not mean all aging men have chronic erectile dysfunction (ED). Nor does it mean younger men are immune to ED. Recent studies have found that 40% of men under the age of 40 in the US alone have sought out treatment for ED at some point in their lives. (Read details about our findings on this topic here.) The truth behind this myth is that ED can affect men at any age, and it is a condition that can also be managed at any age. We are debunking this myth with two heavyweight champions: Les Colley and James Smith. Guinness World Records named Colley the oldest biological father in recent history, having fathered a child at the ripe age of 92. Prior to that, a popular Colorodo Historic Newpaper named Rev. James Smith the oldest man in America to father a child at age 102. In case you were curious, both of their wives were in their 30's at the time. These men prove that your erections can withstand the test of time. Not only can you still satisfy women in bed at any age, but your fertility rate and sperm count can stay potent, too! (Read our article on current male fertility rates here.)

Toothpaste for better erections

2. Toothpaste helps with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

We know, this one shocked us too, but if you do a quick Google search you'll see this "miracle toothpaste solution" has been trending for years. Myth says if you rub a pea sized amount of toothpaste on your penis it will make your erections harder and last longer in bed— up to 30 minutes longer according to Jose Barber on Youtube. (We won't link the video because we're crushing this myth for you today.) The myth is so popular that when a writer for Men's Variety sent out a survey to his buddies, he found that out of "15 buddies I contacted (12 replied), five said they had heard of the toothpaste thing. What’s more, three revealed they had tried it at least once in the last six months" (1).

We did our due diligence to bring you the truth behind this myth. First of all, if you rub toothpaste on your penis, it is going to sting. Secondly, we found that it doesn't do anything other than give you a self-induced dick burn. If you don't believe us, feel free to test it out and debunk this myth for yourself. Don't say we didn't warn you!

How did this painful myth come to be? There are numerous studies that link oral health and erectile dysfunction (ED). One famous study claims that patients with periodontal disease are 3x more likely to develop erectile dysfunction (2). We discovered the science linking oral hygiene and penis health from listening to Dr. Amy Killen, the Sex Longevity Expert, who identifies in a podcast that nitric oxide as an essential component to boosting erections. There are important bacteria in the mouth that support men's ability to produce nitric oxide and sustain erections. So while there is truth that using toothpaste to brush your teeth can protect your erections by staving off periodontal disease that can lead to ED, putting toothpaste directly on your penis is not a safe or effective way to do this. We show you how to safely protect your oral health and boost nitric oxide for better erections here.

Keto Diet Kills Erections

3. Eating red meat gives you bad erections

This myth comes from a common misunderstanding of how diet affects the body. Although improper diet is a factor that can, and frequently does, contribute to erectile dysfunction, certain foods in and of themselves are not what cause ED. Let's break down the logic: Eating a lot of ribeye steaks (high in saturated fat) can increase cholesterol levels in your blood. High cholesterol levels can cause plaque to build up on artery walls and restrict blood flow. Restricted blood flow can negatively impact the quality of erections. All of these statements are true on their own. However, it would be inaccurate to group them all together and make the jump to say that ribeye steaks cause erectile dysfunction. (We don't want to see any articles cropping up on the internet after this claiming ribeyes cause ED.) Rest assured there are plenty of vegetarians and vegans out there who experience ED, just as there are meat lovers and keto fanatics who do not experience difficulty with erections. The truth behind this myth is that healthy circulation is a major component to quality erections, and restricted blood flow can often occur as a result of an unbalanced diet. There are a number of contributing factors and variables out there that can cause erection problems, regardless of your dietary preferences. (Read about the most surprising ones we found here).

Vegan Diet Kills Erections

4. I've been cursed, and now I'm stuck with erectile dysfunction

The bizarre myth of penis-cursing witches is the craziest one we've heard, but we had to include it on the list because it came up way too many times in research to ignore. In the middle ages, there were allegedly accounts of witches performing spells on male organs to cause impotence and dismembering penises for rituals. In modern times, Hollywood blockbuster movies like Good Luck Chuck (2016) cast a comedic spin on the idea of penis curses. We're debunking this one since we can't verify any first hand accounts of having been cursed (but if you know someone who has experience with this, send them our way). Most likely, the truth behind this myth is that the psychological factors that often contribute to erectile dysfunction have been historically overlooked, and unfortunately still are today. So there really are "unseen forces" at play, so to speak, since we cannot quantify the erection harming effects of poor psychological or spiritual health.

Natural Ways to Enhance Erections

5. Once you get erectile dysfunction, you're stuck with it for the rest of your life

We saved the best for last. This is our favorite because all of us at Stamen are dedicated to debunking this one for good. There is a false belief that ED is permanent or irreversible. We're not exactly sure where this idea originated, but we're ready to set the record straight. ED is not a virus or autoimmune disease. All science and medical studies have confirmed that that there is no "erectile dysfunction virus." There is no ED Simplex II. It is not sexually transmitted or contagious. Social distancing at intimate gatherings will not slow the rise of new cases. All jokes aside, the truth about erectile dysfunction is that it really is a non-transmittable temporary condition (even if you've been wrestling with it for years). Better yet, even if you have been dealing with it for decades, it does not mean this condition is permanent. ED can be temporarily spurned on by any combination of contributing factors that throw your body's internal system out of balance. Our philosophy here at Stamen is that once you get your body back into flow, and you make a habit out of keeping your internal vitality system (Qi) in balance, you can permanently free yourself from the stronghold of ED. Find out how we can help you fight ED with our product here and read about our methods for maintaining your body's flow here.


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