5 Hacks to Naturally Boost Your Libido at Home

5 Hacks to Naturally Boost Your Libido at Home

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We compiled the 5 best hacks to naturally increase your sex drive and libido at home. Just add these 5 simple tricks to your daily routine and you'll be on the fast track back to riding the gravy train.

1. Drink Lemon Water

This a simple, yet effective way to quickly alkaline your body. We know lemon has an acidic pH, but science has shown once lemon is ingested it mixes with our body's natural chemicals to produce alkaline products inside the gut. This will counter act any excess acidity in your body and re-balance your internal system fast. 

2. Potent Power Poses

You can use your body's physiology to naturally boost testosterone, decrease cortisol and increase circulation. Check out our quick and easy 10 minute daily routine  here, to learn the best exercises to hack your body into vamping up it's biochemical production. 

3. Lift a Chair Over Your Head (Or Anything Heavy)

Lifting heavy things triggers short and long term increase in testosterone. If you don't have time to lift weights at the gym, be creative at home and lift a chair over your head or bench press your dog (if you have a chihuahua then better go for the chair). Studies have shown that heavy lifting particularly at night increases production of testosterone much more than during the day, so do this before going to bed. We have this listed as an essential on our success guide here because daily use of this will hack your brain into producing more testosterone at night.

4. Add Spice to Your Diet

Adding spice into your diet is a quick and healthy way to boost your sex drive and stamina. Capsaician, most commonly found in peppers, causes your body to increase testosterone levels and release endorphins so you feel good while revving up your engine. Stock up on peppers, ginger, or just grab a bottle of Stamen (we have both potent spices in our daily capsules).

5. Moderate Alcohol and Tobacco Use

If you don't use alcohol and tobacco then you're already ahead of the curve. For the rest of us, limiting alcohol will help prevent nitric oxide messengers in your body's ecosystem from being destroyed, and reducing tobacco use (this includes vapes, chewing tobacco, etc.) will increase your blood flow. At the very least, cut back on them long enough for your solider to regain it's vitality. Once you've rebuilt your internal system, you can resume more frequent use.

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Stay potent, Brother!

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