10 Minute Hack for Better Erections

10 Minute Hack for Better Erections

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Yoga and Exercise for ED Erectile Dysfunction

10 Minute Power Pose Blueprint for Better Erections

You can generate stronger erections and combat the symptoms of ED in just 10 minutes a day. Train your body to naturally increase testosterone, lower stress cortisol levels, and boost circulation. We've formulated the best body hacking exercises, using kinesthetics and neural encoding techniques, to boost your sexual health.

How does it work?

It has been clinically proven by Harvard Medical, and preached by Legendary speakers like Tony Robbins, that body positions will trigger the brain to boost testosterone. The famous Harvard report demonstrates how a simple pose with shoulders back and hands on hips for 2 minutes can rapidly INCREASE the body's testosterone production by 20% and DECREASE cortisol levels by 25% (1). While the body is churning out testosterone, we can instruct the brain to encode this activity with sexual arousal through the use of mental stimulus. It has been shown in numerous studies that the brain will respond similarly between an imaged and real experience. If you're still scratching your head, you'll just have to trust us on this one. Here's our potent power series curated for you, Brother.

1. Super Hero - 2 min

Stand with your chin up, shoulders back, hands on hips and image you have a cape on your back. (This is critical to getting your body into the proper stance, because the slightest bend in your shoulders will make your cape drag). Close your eyes and imagine you have an "S" on your chest like Superman. Visualize a giant beam of light bursting out of the "S" and directing down to your groin. Imagine that beam is super charging your soldier's battery. At the end of the 3 minutes, imagine the battery is flashing "FULL"

2. The "Bruce Lee" - 2 min

Stand with your feet wider than hips distance, and place one and on the inside of each thigh with palms facing up. Imagine yourself channeling the legendary strength and energy of Bruce Lee in your palms. Imagine his speed, agility, and power transferring to your palms. At the end of the 2 minutes, take your palms and turn them toward your crouching tiger, and imagine the energy in your palms directing your body to unleash it's hidden dragon.

3. The "Neo" - 2 min

Visualize Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix. The key is to keep your head and shoulders tilted backwards in this position. The stance is basically a modified hip thrust, standing with your hips forward and upper body leaning back. It's not the most comfortable position to hold, but it will improve flow in the bedroom. Imagine a beam of light projecting out of your pelvis during the entire 2 minutes.

4. King Kong - 2 min + 2 min

Stand with your feet hips distance apart and your hands flat on your proud chest. If your flexibility allows, dig your thumbs into your armpit area. This activates your lymphatic system to remove cellular waste from your blood cells. After two minutes, take your hands and slowly slap the center of your chest in turn for the last 1-2 minutes. This is a meridian slapping technique from ancient Chinese Qi Gong known to improve circulation and boost immunity.

We advise doing the routine for at least 21 consecutive days. It takes the brain 21 days to lock in neural patterns for new behavior, so repetition is key. We packaged it into a quick routine so anyone can fit it into their day— no matter how busy you get you can carve out 10 minutes. Do the poses while you take a shower, during TV commercial breaks, or even in the middle of a boring Zoom conference call (just remember to block off your camera). We hope you have as much fun practicing these exercises as we do, Brother.

To learn more about science-backed studied on power poses, kinesthetics, neural encoding, and Tai Chi visit the resources in footnotes below.



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Additional Resources:

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