Benefits of Holistic Supplements (And How Stamen Works)

Benefits of Holistic Supplements (And How Stamen Works)

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What does it mean if something is holistic?

You're probably wondering what the term "holistic" means in terms of health, and what difference it makes if a product promotes holistic benefits. Holistic can be most simply described as an approach "relating to or concerned with wholes or complete systems." Rather than treating symptoms, holistic health views the entire human as an organism. Modern medicine works wonders to provide fast relief to symptoms, but usually focuses on treating the symptomatic parts, and not the system as a whole. By treating the whole system, we will not only the relieve symptoms but also provide the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain balance and prevent the underlying causes of the symptoms.

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Why look for whole ingredients in holistic supplements?

Just as holistic health views the body as a complete system, it is just as vital to likewise view natural ingredients as a system. Mother Nature knows what she is doing. She's managed to supply mankind with nutrients for as long as we have been on the planet. None of us would still be here if there were no living green on earth. We'd all die from carbon dioxide overload and starvation.

So what's Mother Nature's secret? Pre-program every living organism, plant, animal with all the necessary information it needs to survive on earth inside of it's DNA. Have you ever seen an apple seed go to school and take lesson on how to grow roots and sprout leaves so that it can become an apple tree? Neither have we. The seed has all the DNA and cellular intelligence it needs to do it on it's own.

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How does this make Stamen different than other products on the market?

We take pride in only sourcing whole ingredients in our products. We do this intentionally to preserve this incredible cellular intelligence network Mother Nature created so that essential nutrients have a roadmap of where they needs to go once they've made their way inside of the human body. For instance, if we take isolated vitamins like B3 or minerals like Zinc on their own, and throw them out into the body with no roadmap or landing instructions (DNA), they will have a difficult time finding their way to the target destination. They'll have to rely on the human body's DNA to direct them, and if the human system is out of alignment all the nutrients could end up going to the wrong places. That's why we believe in using whole ingredients. We preserve cellular intelligence to increase the likelihood that the nutrients and vitamins will reach their intended destination inside our system. Mother Nature's roadmap will guide them to exactly where they need to go.

We have whole ingredients in our product like pineapple husk and full-leaf rosemary extract to target specific systems of the body with maximum effect and potency. Our blend contains an army of testosterone boosting nutrients including Vitamin B1, B3, B6, Magnesium, Zinc and Bromelian all programmed by nature to target erogenous zones in the body. Rosemary has been used since ancient times as a potent circulation boosting herb, with the power to improve blood vessel elasticity. This herb specifically targets erogenous zones in the body to make sure your get the boost that your body needs in the right place. That's just the two of our key ingredients in Stamen. To read the list of full ingredients click here. 

We're bringing you the full power and potency of nature with our product, Brother. Try Stamen Risk-Free Today!

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